dahr_blog (dahr_blog) wrote,

Я не жду ответа.

Но и не задать вопрос было бы жалко.

Dear administration (support, moderators) of Pornhub,

Not long ago I’ve discovered that one of my videos was removed from your resource. It was deleted with the following statement: “Your video “Стрим осень 20″ has been rejected for reason: “Non-Consensual or Incapacitation””

I was very surprised to say the least. The thing is, the video in question was my art stream containing only my drawings and sound of my voice.

I’m not asking you to restore my video. But I really like to know which lines exactly on a digital paper I needed to “ask for consent” before drawing them or which of those lines I “incapacitated”.

Your rules appear to be so peculiar that without your hint I cannot determine where exactly I broke them. Therefore, it would be hard for me to avoid such violations in future.

I’m really looking forward to any explanations from you. And I thank you in advance for giving them.

With respect,

your bewildered user.


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